Cancellation Insurance - Coverage & Process

The Haute Route Organisation offers a “Premium” insurance pack to cover riders in case of: 

- Cancellation before the event. The insurance covers registration and accommodation if purchased at the same time (other extra-services are not insurable).  You can cancel and be refunded at any time and without any justification document.

- Accident on the event. The insurance includes personal accident insurance valid during the whole event.

*Infinity Pass members can not subscribe to this cancellation insurance for the registration. However, they can purchase it for the extra services at the event registration time.

The insurance does not cover riders in case of : 

- The Circle Policy excludes COVID-19 from their coverage.

Please find the Circle Cancellation Insurance Sales & Condition 

A simplified and fast refund, without the need for a justification document:

  1. To ask for the refund, you simply need to follow the process on your cancellation insurance confirmation email.
  2. No justification document is required.
  3. The refund will be made within 15 days.

Important : 

- Once the registration is confirmed it is impossible to purchase the cancellation insurance at a later date.

- The expiration date of the cancellation guarantee is the official time of the bib collection opening (schedule available in the rules and regulation of each Haute Route).

If you purchase the cancellation insurance and you request a refund you will be automatically unsubscribed from the event and your registration will be cancelled.

This is valid whether you take cancellation insurance for:

o Both registration and accommodation (if purchased at the same time).

o Registration only.

o A cancellation request is FINAL.

Following your registration, you received an email confirming that you purchased the cancellation insurance, with a certificate of insurance attached to the email. You will find the procedure to follow in order to receive a refund.

To contact the insurance company: Circles Group SA - +356 26 45 87 92 &